How to Talk to Parents About Bullying

A girl looks sadly at the camera while being bullied by her classmates.

By Jessica Vician

Bullying has been a prevalent topic in recent years, as the number of youth suicides have increased. NPR reports that the suicide rate has tripled in girls between the ages of 10 and 14 in the last 15 years. Now cyberbullying has taken the behavior out of school hallways—where staff can monitor it—and moved it online, where neither school staff nor parents can see it.

With those sobering statistics, it’s critical that your school take advantage of National Bullying Prevention Month to engage parents in addressing the social and emotional problem of bullying.

Why parents?
Your students’ parents influence and monitor their children’s behavior outside of school, so you must include them in any anti-bullying efforts and/or programs. Parents can steer identified bullies away from that behavior and can help bullying victims learn to stand up to the bully and report the inappropriate behavior.  Continue reading