3-Book Set

YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher 3-Book Set (also available in Spanish)

Parenting finally comes with a manual, and this is it. YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is a guide for parents from the birth of their child through high school graduation and beyond. Anchored in the belief that a healthy child equals a successful student, it promotes all aspects of a child’s success: physical, emotional, social, and academic.

The set is split into 3 books based on significant transition stages in a child’s educational journey. Research indicates how critical these transitions are for student success, so these books help parents make that transition as smooth as possible.

The books are small, digestible, meant to be written in, full of activities and checklists, and weave in college and career readiness techniques starting at birth. In each book, parents learn how to:

Book 1, Through the Early Years

  • Model positive behavior
  • Provide children with healthy starts
  • Develop language, literacy, and bilingualism
  • Prepare for preschool and kindergarten

Book 2, Through Elementary and Middle School

  • Navigate their local school system
  • Effectively communicate and get involved with school
  • Support curriculum at home
  • Reinforce positive behavior and social skills

Book 3, Through High School and Beyond

  • Prepare for high school graduation requirements
  • Promote life skills for success
  • Foster skills and healthy living
  • Navigate the college admissions process
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