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The Books

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YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is a unique program designed to engage parents in the academic success of their children. It breaks down the complex role of parenting by providing simple, easy to follow instructions for each stage of a child’s life. These instructions build on each other throughout the years to help parents guide their children to becoming a well-rounded individual poised for success.

The Workshops

The YOU program provides workshops to parents, educators, and community organizations.  Facilitators guide and instruct users on how to maximize the tools and strategies provided in the YOU program as they create lasting partnerships between parents and schools and help children succeed.

Parents are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and take the first steps to becoming active partners in their child’s education. Training workshops walk educators and community workers through the materials and discuss best practices for engaging parents and creating a strong community that promotes success for all students.

Workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.

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Home Language

The YOU books were originally written in Spanish and translated into English. As the program was relaunched, each language version was tailored to its unique audience. We plan to offer YOU in additional languages in the near future.



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