In the News: New Program Helps Parents Become Teachers

In late January 2015, we visited Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona to deliver a week of parent workshops to over 300 parents. Throughout the week, we heard powerful stories from parents who want the best for their children and came to learn how to be the best parents they can be.

Local news station KTVK-3TV interviewed Superintendent Dr. Jacob A. Chávez, YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher Author Sunny P. Chico, and several parents attending the workshop.

Dr. Chávez said, “We feel strongly that the advantage of having parental engagement in our schools will make a huge difference in the future.”

A parent who attended the workshop echoed the importance of the training. “The workshop really helped us think more about our children and their environment. They helped us understand the importance of a child’s physical and emotional well-being and how that relates to school and what we can do to help motivate them.”

Watch the news report here. The Arizona School Boards Association also highlighted our visit to Cartwright in their news story, “300 Parents Empowered Empowered to Become Active Partners in Their Child’s Education.”

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