Title I, Part A, Section 1118

GOAL: Build school capacity and leadership.

  • The YOU Program provides books, training, and workshops that establish effective communication between schools and parents regarding the academic and holistic needs of a student.
  • The YOU Program empowers parents with knowledge necessary for leadership roles in their schools and districts, including enhancing other parents’ involvement.
  • The YOU Program showcases the importance of various resources within a school, district, and community for their child, leading parents to actively and effectively take advantage of those resources.

GOAL: Guide parents to support academic achievement.

  • The YOU Program teaches parents education standards, assessments, grades, kindergarten readiness, and college & career readiness.
  • The YOU Program provides steps for important ongoing communication with their child’s teacher.
  • The YOU Program empowers parents to be academic advocates for their child and to seek Title I programs to support their child’s success.

GOAL: Make information fully accessible.

  • All components of the YOU Program are fully bilingual (English & Spanish).
  • The YOU Program provides a baseline level of knowledge regarding the U.S. school system, parental involvement expectations, laws, and CDC requirements for English Language Learner (ELL) and migrant families.
  • Parents with limited English proficiency and/or literacy skills can still fully participate in the parent workshop due to its collaborative parent support.