Parents have the greatest impact on who a child grows up to be. To increase the chances of your child’s success in school and in life, we have developed a book set based on a child’s four core areas of success:

  • – Academic Achievement
  • – Physical Health
  • – Emotional Well Being
  • – Social Well Being

The YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher 3-book set takes you from the birth of your child through high school graduation and attending college or selecting a career.

Meant to empower and encourage you as a parent, the books are portable, simple, and meant to be written in to track developmental milestones. From building the foundation for school success to keeping the lines of communication open at any age, each book walks you through the critical phases of your child’s life.

The 3-book set is supported by our free parent community, It’s always FREE, never has any ads, and is always a safe place to learn tips and share your parenting experience with others like you.

Available in English, Spanish, and on your smartphone, you always have a parent community supporting you on your parenting journey.