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For Parents


Parenting can be overwhelming. There are so many little things to keep track of and try to remember. YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher was designed to help you keep it simple. Each book is divided into sections by your child’s age, and each section contains strategies and best practices to help you set your child up for success.


The YOU program provides parent workshops to allow you to ask questions, share experiences, and take the first steps to becoming an active partner in your child’s education. We bring school staff and education specialists together with parents to help create the lasting partnerships between home and school that make success possible.

Join us at a workshop in your area or use the forms on the right to request a workshop at your child’s school.


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Home Language

The YOU books were originally written in Spanish and translated into English. As the program was relaunched, each language version was tailored to its unique audience. We plan to offer the program in additional languages in the near future.

Request the program for your school.

Building a strong school community starts with engaged parents like you. Use the links below to email your child’s school or download a form that you can drop off at the school office requesting books or workshops.