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For Organizations


Successful schools are the cornerstone of successful communities, and success starts at home. YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher was designed to help advance communities across the country and around the world. From the time a child is born, his or her health and well-being play a large role in what the future holds for that child. The early years are critical for emotional and social growth, while the personal choices teenagers make can set them on the path for success. From birth through college and beyond, parents have the unique opportunity to teach their children how live in this world and can support academic success while they do it. Raising healthy, happy, and successful children benefits our entire society, and YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is here to help.


Along with the books, the YOU program provides parent workshops to bring specialists together with parents to promote best practices and to help create lasting partnerships. The program also provides training workshops to staff so organizations can fully integrate the series into their mission and continue to strengthen their community.


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Home Language

The YOU books are currently available in Spanish and English. Each language version is tailored to its unique audience. Additional languages will be available in the near future so that every community has the opportunity to help students succeed.


Support your mission.

Whether your organization seeks to promote infant health or inspire tomorrow’s leaders, YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher can help you meet your goals and build strong community support. Contact us to discuss empowering parents.



Sponsor the program for a school.

Promoting success in our communities starts by engaging parents. Contact us to discuss ways to inspire a brighter future for students in your community.