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Meet the Author


Sunny P. Chico is more than just our program author. She is a woman on a mission. Sunny has dedicated her life to students. She knows, however, that each student is somebody’s child, and each family is part of a community. She believes that she can’t help students succeed without helping advance the entire community at the same time. To achieve this, Sunny is launching a movement to change the culture of parenting by bringing parents together and giving them the tools to help their children succeed.

Sunny was born in Cuba, but forced to flee with her family at a young age. A daughter and granddaughter of school teachers, her early life taught her that a strong family can lay the foundation for school success. As founder and president of SPC Educational Solutions and YOU Learning LLC, Sunny works to empower parents to be active partners in the education of their children. This commitment has culminated in the creation of the series YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, which she originally wrote in Spanish to help struggling parents in her community.

Sunny lives in Chicago with her husband, their five children, and her grandson, David. Her mother, her two sisters, and their beautiful families all remain nearby. More than anything, Sunny’s family is her greatest joy and her greatest success.

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2013 Mujer Destacada en Educación, La Raza
2013 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner, Enterprising Women Magazine

In the News

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Non-Profit Work

As part of her commitment to education, and in memory of her niece, Fannie, Sunny cofounded the Penedo Charitable Organization with her sister, Nely Bergsma, to help support at-risk girls who are growing up in the same neighborhoods of Chicago where they spent their childhood.