Parents are their child’s first teacher, but they are also their child’s first responder and first healthcare advocate. The YOU Program empowers parents to fully and effectively engage in their child’s health and well-being, which promotes future academic success.

Our program helps parents become healthcare partners by aligning with Healthy People 2020 and providing parents with actionable steps to ensure the health of their child.

The YOU Program aids parents in navigating healthcare systems by including topics such as: well-baby visits, immunizations, hearing tests, breastfeeding, solid food introductions, balanced nutrition, exercise, backpack weight, signs of emotional difficulty, and even addressing sexual health with adolescents. Throughout the program we repeatedly emphasize communication with healthcare providers as well as the range of services and support that pediatricians, family doctors, and nurse practitioners can offer.

The YOU Program holds significant value for advancing preventative care, educating parents on best practices, and contextualizing the health of children into the overall path to a successful life.