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February 16, 2015

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February 04, 2015

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September 28, 2014

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April 16, 2014

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February 13, 2014

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January 27, 2014

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November 25, 2013

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Topic: YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher.

La Raza: “Mujeres destacadas: Sunny P. Chico”

March 14, 2013

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May 8, 2012


YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher eBook

The YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher eBook presents the same information as the print books, but includes a Parent Logbook with custom touchpoints and fillable worksheets to make it easy to digitally track a child’s progress. It is optimized for e-reading and is available on iPad, Kindle, or Kindle Fire.

Now Available on Amazon in English and Spanish.

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3-Book Set

YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher 3-Book Set (also available in Spanish)

Parenting finally comes with a manual, and this is it. YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is a guide for parents from the birth of their child through high school graduation and beyond. Anchored in the belief that a healthy child equals a successful student, it promotes all aspects of a child’s success: physical, emotional, social, and academic.

The set is split into 3 books based on significant transition stages in a child’s educational journey. Research indicates how critical these transitions are for student success, so these books help parents make that transition as smooth as possible.

The books are small, digestible, meant to be written in, full of activities and checklists, and weave in college and career readiness techniques starting at birth. In each book, parents learn how to:

Book 1, Through the Early Years

  • Model positive behavior
  • Provide children with healthy starts
  • Develop language, literacy, and bilingualism
  • Prepare for preschool and kindergarten

Book 2, Through Elementary and Middle School

  • Navigate their local school system
  • Effectively communicate and get involved with school
  • Support curriculum at home
  • Reinforce positive behavior and social skills

Book 3, Through High School and Beyond

  • Prepare for high school graduation requirements
  • Promote life skills for success
  • Foster skills and healthy living
  • Navigate the college admissions process
3-Book Set Brochure Download
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– American Academy of Pediatrics

“Studies have linked poor academic performance to factors such as a lack of sleep, poor nutrition, obesity, and a lack of parental support.”

– Training Workshop Attendee

“[The program] gives me hope to move in a more positive direction for the benefit of our students. [It is] a guide to be successful as a parent leader.”


Parents have the greatest impact on who a child grows up to be. To increase the chances of your child’s success in school and in life, we have developed a book set based on a child’s four core areas of success:

  • – Academic Achievement
  • – Physical Health
  • – Emotional Well Being
  • – Social Well Being

The YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher 3-book set takes you from the birth of your child through high school graduation and attending college or selecting a career.

Meant to empower and encourage you as a parent, the books are portable, simple, and meant to be written in to track developmental milestones. From building the foundation for school success to keeping the lines of communication open at any age, each book walks you through the critical phases of your child’s life.

The 3-book set is supported by our free parent community, It’s always FREE, never has any ads, and is always a safe place to learn tips and share your parenting experience with others like you.

Available in English, Spanish, and on your smartphone, you always have a parent community supporting you on your parenting journey.


The early years of a child’s life lay the foundation for a healthy and happy life as an adult. As a caregiver, you hold the future of many children’s physical, social, emotional, and academic development in your hands.

Partnering with parents to lay this foundation is key, because parents have the unique opportunity to teach their children how to live in this world and can support academic success while they do it.

The YOU Program’s Parent Workshops unite specialists with parents to promote best practices and lasting partnerships. The program also provides Training Workshops to staff so that organizations can fully integrate the series into their missions and continue to strengthen their communities.


Parents are their child’s first teacher, but they are also their child’s first responder and first healthcare advocate. The YOU Program empowers parents to fully and effectively engage in their child’s health and well-being, which promotes future academic success.

Our program helps parents become healthcare partners by aligning with Healthy People 2020 and providing parents with actionable steps to ensure the health of their child.

The YOU Program aids parents in navigating healthcare systems by including topics such as: well-baby visits, immunizations, hearing tests, breastfeeding, solid food introductions, balanced nutrition, exercise, backpack weight, signs of emotional difficulty, and even addressing sexual health with adolescents. Throughout the program we repeatedly emphasize communication with healthcare providers as well as the range of services and support that pediatricians, family doctors, and nurse practitioners can offer.

The YOU Program holds significant value for advancing preventative care, educating parents on best practices, and contextualizing the health of children into the overall path to a successful life.


Actively involved citizens are the cornerstones of successful communities. YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is designed to advance communities by empowering parents with tools and strategies to help their children succeed at school and in life, therefore having the ability to give back to their communities.

Raising healthy, happy, and successful children benefits our entire society, and YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is here to help.

During the YOU Program’s Parent Workshops, specialists work with parents to promote best practices and create lasting partnerships. The program also delivers Training Workshops to staff so that organizations can fully integrate the series into their missions and continue to strengthen their communities.

Title I, Part A, Section 1118

GOAL: Build school capacity and leadership.

  • The YOU Program provides books, training, and workshops that establish effective communication between schools and parents regarding the academic and holistic needs of a student.
  • The YOU Program empowers parents with knowledge necessary for leadership roles in their schools and districts, including enhancing other parents’ involvement.
  • The YOU Program showcases the importance of various resources within a school, district, and community for their child, leading parents to actively and effectively take advantage of those resources.

GOAL: Guide parents to support academic achievement.

  • The YOU Program teaches parents education standards, assessments, grades, kindergarten readiness, and college & career readiness.
  • The YOU Program provides steps for important ongoing communication with their child’s teacher.
  • The YOU Program empowers parents to be academic advocates for their child and to seek Title I programs to support their child’s success.

GOAL: Make information fully accessible.

  • All components of the YOU Program are fully bilingual (English & Spanish).
  • The YOU Program provides a baseline level of knowledge regarding the U.S. school system, parental involvement expectations, laws, and CDC requirements for English Language Learner (ELL) and migrant families.
  • Parents with limited English proficiency and/or literacy skills can still fully participate in the parent workshop due to its collaborative parent support.

Head Start Parent Engagement Outcomes

*The YOU Program is included in the Parenting Curricula Review Database for the Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC).

GOAL: Build positive parent-child relationships.

  • The YOU Program teaches parents research-based best practices for nurturing a child’s learning and development.
  • The YOU Program emphasizes positive reinforcement and healthy living.

GOAL: Promote families as lifelong educators.

  • The YOU Program teaches parents to model positive behaviors for the benefit of their child’s success.
  • The YOU Program provides parents with tasks and activities to reinforce lessons at home.

GOAL: Guide continued engagement through transitions.

  • The YOU Program outlines school options, requirements, and programs for each educational transition period.
  • The YOU Program encourages communication with teachers and school to foster academic success.

GOAL: Encourage parent support networks and school leadership.

  • The YOU Program showcases parent involvement opportunities in schools.
  • The YOU Program empowers parents to support and seek advice from other parents in their communities.

YOU Program Approach

When teachers & parents address a child’s four core needs, they become a better student, receive a better education & lead a more successful life.

-Educator from Dayton, OH

“Needs to be implemented in all schools. First time I have seen a structured, truly holistic approach to parent engagement.”

Custom Parent Engagement Program

The YOU Program changes parent behavior to help children succeed. Our dedicated YOU Program Experts customize the curriculum to best fit your school or center needs.

Watch parent participation increase by leaps & bounds!
Using our engaging curriculum & strategies, we’ll help you increase parent participation through the year.

Engage your parents to be more involved at school through YOU Program topics & lessons.

Meet your Head Start Performance Standards* & Title I Parent Involvement Goals.
The YOU Program curriculum is designed to teach parents strategies to improve their behavior & support their children’s learning at home.

*The YOU Program is included in the Head Start Parenting Curricula Review Database for the Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC).

How does the YOU Program work?

We customize each program delivery to best fit your school or center needs and deliver it in English or Spanish. Here are just a few options:

Monthly Parent Meetings

Short, digestible meetings teach busy parents lessons they can use at home while offering support from other parents. Frequent parental touchpoints keep them engaged & motivated to continue participating at school & with their children at home.

Training Workshops

YOU Program Experts train your administrators, teachers, and/or staff on the YOU Program curriculum so that they can deliver lessons & workshops to parents throughout the school year. These workshops include:

—Administrator Overview
—Training Workshop
—Teacher Training Workshop
—Parent Leadership Training Workshop

Parent Workshops

YOU Program Experts engage parents in an in-depth examination of parent engagement theory & best practices, including self-reflection & parental support activities, lessons, & education.

CPS LSC-Sponsored Parent Workshop @ Hedges Elementary

May 21, 2013 @ 9am–12:00pm
and refreshments start at 8:30

The CPS Office of Local School Council Relations is sponsoring a free YOU program parent workshop at Hedges Elementary (4747 S Winchester Ave) in Chicago, IL. It is open to any CPS parent! Every parent who attends will receive the YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher 3-book set (in English or Spanish).

Topics include understanding the Common Core State Standards and your child’s curriculum, making the most of the summer months to prevent summer reading loss, and best practices for addressing difficulties your child faces at school. Come meet educational professionals and other parents and share your own experience and expertise!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please register for the event by emailing or calling us at 312-306-9996.

LSC Members: This workshop counts as credit towards your training, so register today!


Parent Workshop @ Scammon Elementary — Part 3 of 3

May 14, 2013 @ 8:50am

The final installment of our 3-part workshop series at Scammon Elementary took place on May 14. The support that Scammon is giving to parents and the energy in that parent community is truly inspiring and we can’t wait to see what kind of momentum this incredible school community can help build. Remember attendees: Don’t be afraid to reach out to the school and share your journey to help other parents learn from your experiences! Thank you everyone who came out and participated!

Parent Workshop @ Scammon Elementary — Part 2 of 3

May 7, 2013 @ 8:50am

Thanks to everyone who came back for the second part of our 3-part workshop! The support and cooperation between parents helped take the workshop to another level and we are excited to come back next week as we conclude the series.

Parent Workshop @ Scammon Elementary — Part 1 of 3

May 1, 2013 @ 8:50am

The first of a 3-part parenting workshop took place today at Scammon Elementary in Chicago, IL. We saw a whole room full of dedicated parents with so much to offer each other and their children. Thank you everyone who participated, and remember to come back on May 7 for Part 2 of our Scammon series.

IRA Recap

Our first convention, and the launch of our program AND our publishing division, is now a week behind us. We were overwhelmed by the response to YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher. We may have been off at the end of a row in the back of the exhibit hall, but so many of you found us and brought your friends, too! Check out out twitter feeds and Herminia Publishing for all of the updates.

A special congratulations to Tamara Michael of Alberta Canada, our Kindle Fire raffle winner! She can thank our Executive Assistant’s adorable son Ayden for picking her name out of our mix of over a hundred entrants!

We have been busy, with workshops taking place throughout May and all the interest generated at IRA. We can’t thank everyone enough, however, and we are more excited than we can say about what the future holds!

Our Books Have Arrived!

Right on time for IRA, the first books off the press have arrived safely in San Antonio! Follow us on twitter to get all of the highlights as our booth goes up and our swag comes in! In the meantime, take a look at our books:

International Reading Association 2013 Convention in San Antonio

April 20-22, 2013

The International Reading Association is committed to worldwide literacy and student success, and that’s why we believe it is the ideal location to launch YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher to empower parents to recognize their own importance in their child’s education. We’re working with teachers and schools to help give parents the tools to help their child succeed. Come visit our booth to learn more, and don’t miss a special author signing with Sunny P. Chico on Sunday at 1:00 in our booth.

Come visit us at booth 2850!