Success in school can lead to success in life. When we send our children off to school—whether for kindergarten, elementary school, or high school—we all ask ourselves,


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It is our goal, our mission, to help advance the lives of entire communities by promoting school success one parent at a time.

Through her many years of service as a teacher and her own life as a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother, Sunny P. Chico knows that parents are the key to a child’s success. Nothing is more important for a child than the love and support of a parent. Infants thrive on it and teenagers cling to it even as they take their first steps towards independence. A parent’s influence stays with children for the rest of their lives. Too often, however, parents don’t recognize how important they are and how much they have to offer, especially in their child’s education.

Sunny originally developed YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher in Spanish to help parents in her community realize their worth and importance. Herminia Publishing is working with Sunny to take this message to the rest of the world. Together, we’re launching a movement to help change the culture of parenting. We know that positive and engaged parenting can be the key to success for any child, and can be achieved by any parent, regardless of income or educational background. We believe in the power of family, and, together, we hope to make a brighter future for all of our children.

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Book 1
Through the Early Years

Book 2
Through Elementary and Middle School

Book 3
Through High School and Beyond